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Aporte original por: martin ,


My advice, keep away from replacing the sensor. From personal experience i have found this job very time consuming and frustrating. As it is such a delicate part, it is very hard to replace successfully. I have attempted the replacement about 10 times, and have only succeeded once.

Before you start tearing your iPhone apart, take a look at [|this] and skip down to question 17. Now the fact that your iPhone has started shooting sparks and smoke at you also can lead to the conclusion that your Logic board has short circuit. This may or may not be the reason for the faulty sensor, but if it saves you paying $800+ for a new iPhone then it is worth a shot i guess ;)

Don't worry about that yellow screw placement, it will not effect anything whatsoever. Also why did you use Glass Cleaner??? You shouldn't use anything other than [|Isopropyl alcohol] when cleaning electrical components as it removes oil/corrosion and evaporates very quickly. This could be another cause as the cleaner may not have evaporated completely when the battery was reconnected.

Before you do anything, make sure your iPhone is not under warranty, because if it is then you will be able to get the entire unit replaced for free.

Hope this helps!