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Aporte original por: Samuel Beardsley ,


I own 3 Acer Aspire AO751h netbooks, and have experienced freezing from time to time, although not as severely some have. My netbooks will freeze mostly coming out of standby or sleep, and occasionally recovering from hiberation. I am running Windows XP and double booting with Linux Mint V 9, 10, 11 respectively. I tried changing hard drives, booting from external drives, different operating systems and changing RAM. What I learned was, virtually all Linux distros had less freezing, KDE and XFCE had better controls of the variables---much less freezing, and ('''''Here's the '''SOL

OUTION'''!) changing the video driver in Linux to the GMA500 Poulsbo driver virtually stopped all of the freezing.''''' The GMA500 driver is installed through Synaptic Package Manager after adding the repository:" maverick main" to the Software sources. I love my little 11.6" Acer netbooks! They just need the right software to take advantage of them.