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Aporte original por: assortedrubbish ,


I've just had a 1526 come to me for repair.  Sometimes it would start properly, and other times it would turn but no display or life.

Many would assume this to be a reflow//reball/chip fault,  but hows about this for silly.....

I did the usual,  of applying slight pressure to each corner of the board,  and that made it always boot if done the right way - indicating at first,  a reflow problem.....

Next,  i took the lower panel/memory cover off,  and found that slight pressure to the CPU heatsink made it boot perfectly.

Turned out on this one,  it just needed the CPU reseating properly  :-D

Maybe this could happen on others of the same model ?  I can't say as this is the first time i've worked on this specific model.  I've only seen bad CPU fittings before on Packard Bell R1000 series'.