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*Y700-17ISK*Should I push to open this and check the battery?




This is not my laptop, but a machine I maintain for the owner as I’m their IT department. I went to move the laptop, and noticed this gap near the bottom cover where I know the battery lives on the Y700-17ISK. I apologize for the rough photos, but I need to talk to the owner first before I open this as I need to warn them it may become a desktop if I open it as if I see the battery is expanded, I’m not putting it back in and she’s buying a new battery. Full disclosure: This was was not my idea - someone else bought it for her, and I told her how I’d have considered actual needs+my personal buffer (which I’m upfront about) so I don’t need to worry about a slow i3 3 years in. For example, if the budget allows I may want an i7/Ryzen 7, but if not I’m willing to look at an i5/Ryzen 5.

However, I have two concerns: Availability and cost. On the consumer Lenovo products, they are awful about part manufacturing lifetimes so I may not be able to find a new battery - this laptop is ~5 years old, if my calculations are correct (warranty expired in 2018, so it was purchased in 2017) so it’s within their “EOL” range, but not on the page like the really old stuff from the Core 2 era, and the early Core i machines like the T410. ***''I was able to get a Lenovo P/N at least (5B10H22084) so I know what she needs, but I got the dreaded message -''*** ***''no longer available - 004… Yep, suspect battery, and it’s EOL. YAY LENOVO, way to show me I can trust you to not screw up parts availability :/.''*** Can’t change that, so I need a source (not eBay. Nope, nope, nope.) who I can get a good pack from, like how I buy non chassis Dell parts from PartsPeople I can get through with.

I am still going to open the computer as soon as I can get the yes I need, but in the meantime who has a supplier we can get a GENUINE Lenovo battery from?


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