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Aporte original por: Bonnie Baxter ,


I would strongly recommend replacing the charge port with the same type of charge port that was originally in the device, which I assume was micro USB. While the extra current provided by a USB C port shouldn't be a problem (the device should only draw as much current as it needs), USB C chargers can also operate at more than five volts, and that is potentially a problem. A device designed to operate / charge at 5 volts, which a device with a micro USB port would be, should not be provided a higher voltage than that.

Many eBay sellers, including me, sell new ports for a whole variety of Samsung devices for very affordable prices (I charge $2.99).. this would prevent you from having to desolder the port from an existing board, which is not a  trivial procedure.

Almost all of the USB ports that I sell are Samsung. I don't know what it is about Samsung ports that makes them so much less stable than other brands, but they clearly are.