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How is the phone connected to the service provider i.e. via a telephone cable to the provider or to your internet modem and then via an internet connection to the provider?

If a telephone cable connection are the other phones the corded type, i.e. not portable, no base station but connected directly to the line?

Sometimes if a power outage was caused by a storm then there is a chance of a power surge down the telephone line itself e.g. lightning strike hitting the ground near to where the telephone cables are buried. Phone companies used to advise not to use a landline phone during a storm in case the user received a shock for precisely that reason.

Is the phone line protected as well?

If via a modem then the above doesn't apply as the surge wouldn't have got past the modem and most likely the other phones and fax wouldn't work.

have you checked that the surge protector is OK. Unplug it and sniff it and see. If it smells burnt and has some charring then it may have been affected either this time or previously without you knowing

Only say this as most are of the sacrificial type and are a one time only device and the cheaper ones unless they don't work anymore after a hit (burnt out and no power through the protector) don't give any indication that the protection capability no longer exists i.e power is still available. The moderate to more expensive ones do (usually a LED light either on or off depending) and they can either be reset or have to be replaced. just a thought.