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Aporte original por: LouAnn Rice ,


Dect2185-3 base won't work after power outage


My Uniden DECT 2185-3 will not work after a power outage followed by a Cox phone line outage last week though it's been through many.  It's plugged into a surge protector with other things that are working fine. Cox tech said it's probably damaged. [br]

The base has, "Welcome. Please wait" on the screen. If the cordless phone is on the base the red light under the cordless phone constantly flashes red.  When I press the speaker button it goes through a loop of a short dial tone then electronic beep then a busy signal. I have to disconnect the electric cord and plug it back in to stop this loop.[br]

I tried unplugging both the electric cord and phone line then plugging them back in. I tried taking it to a different phone outlet but it does the same thing. My other phones and fax machine work. [br]

The three cordless phones are charged but say searching. If I click talk they flash "connecting" then say "handset out of range". I took out and reinsert each battery in the cordless phones. The batteries are good and fairly new.[br]



Uniden D1685