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Aporte original por: Zeld Ina ,


iPhone SE: battery charging only 13% and restarting



I dropped my iphone SE (first generation) from a considerable height. It was in a silicone case that popped out after the hit. As a result my screen was damaged beyond repair. I ordered a new one and replace it, but then I noticed that the battery only charges to 3-4%, so it was constantly charging. I thought the reason was the battery, so I bought a new one.  After the replacement the problem remained, the battery is charged only to 13% and the phone restarts shortly after opening apps. Powered off the phone and cleaned the plug with rubbing alcohol, nothing changed.

My question is: could this be due to the charging port or is it probably some other hardware problem? If not the charging port, what could be the reason?

I love my phone very much because it is small and I am attached to it. I want to know if there is any chance to save it or it is not worth it :(.

Thank you in advance  :)


iPhone SE