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Aporte original por: Coby Goldblatt ,


Hello, I have the same laptop, and  I have the same problem. I find that if you either undervolt it a little bit (in bios) it can positively affect heat while not affecting performance too much. There are a bunch of things you can do, you can get a mesh/collapsable laptop stand (won’t make the laptop quieter, but will keep it cooler) you can go into dragon center, go to user scenarios and change it to silent mode while not using it for gaming. The silent mode will throttle the fans to about 3000 RPM and will throttle performance if the CPU/GPU gets too hot. I also find that if you are just using the laptop for work and not running anything significantly hard on the laptop, you can go into user scenarios, go to the “user” tab (far right), and from there you can choose what temperature the fans turn on and what performance the computer runs. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TURN THE FANS COMPLETELY OFF WHEN THEY GET TO THE HOTTEST. I use the medium performance and have the fans gradually turn on when the computer gets to around 70C. The fans are loud, but they do a great job at keeping the computer from overheating too much, especially when the cooler boost is on. I would only use the computer for heavy gaming when you are able to have the fans decently loud, otherwise, you could thermally damage the computer and void the warranty. MSI has one of the best free warranties available and if you break the factory seal on the bottom it voids the whole thing. Unfortunately, MSI doesn’t have the same laws stopping them from doing something like that, as they are not based out of the United States. I hope this helped.