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Aporte original por: Nathan Jusko ,


Resurrecting an old post, I know. However, I wanted to chime in since I have been battling a similar issue with my Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher (WDT780SAEM1). Noticed that the detergent packet wasn’t getting dissolved and the dishes were wetter from humidity than actual spraying water. Went through the following attempts to fix it:

(1) Changed brand of detergent (Finish to Cascade), no luck.

(2) Reset the dishwasher at the circuit breaker and re-ran. Worked for one cycle and then started giving me issues again.

(3) Ran dishwasher diagnostics mode. F7 E1 fault, which seemed to indicate a heating element fault. Tested the heating element with a multimeter, was fine.

(4) Reset the dishwasher at the circuit breaker before running it each night. This started to work and then the results became sporadic.

(5) Replaced the control board, no significant change in the outcome of the dishes.

(6) Noticed that the dishwasher wasn’t filling up properly after the initial fill-up, tried replacing the water inlet valve. Still didn’t work.

(7) Reset the dishwasher, ran diagnostics mode, no errors. Still doesn’t work.

(8) Started running it on one-hour wash cycle, that still works, which is strange.

(9) Come across this post online and look up Whirlpool Turbidity Sensor. $20 part from Amazon, ordered, delivered, installed in less than two days.

(10) Ran the dishwasher last night on Sensor mode and the dishes came out perfectly clean. Seriously, as good as when the dishwasher was new.

In short, %#*@ you Whirlpool for not having a fault code specifically associated with a Turbidity Sensor fault. This was the cheapest and the easiest part to replace out of all the replacement options and the only way to arrive at this is to do trial-and-error with the other parts.