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Aporte original por: Nicolas Jourdan ,


My girlfriends 2017 MBP 13" Touch Bar 4 Thunderbolt Ports just started showing horizontal black lines all over the screen a few days ago. Sometimes there is additional ghosting where previous contents of the screen are showing in some areas of the screen.

We contacted apple support, tried all the resets etc. but nothing helped. As she is out of warranty, they only offered her a paid replacement for over 500 Euros...


A little bit of googling shows that this issue is very common and apple knows about it but does not do anything. I even own a macbook pro 2018 15" myself and had this issue also. Luckily I was still under warranty and apple replaced the screen but this shows that apple quality has become a joke. The current devices will be the last things that we ever bought from apple.


Especially in times of corona where everyone relies on their PCs, this is just a sad joke.


If anyone knows some DIY solution please let me know. There are also reports of apple deleting posts like this. I hope this is not the case.