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Aporte original por: Nicqelle Hessick ,


''Hello. Having similar issue and I am so frustrated I want to scream!''

My son's PS4 Pro worked just fine on the TV he has at his Dads. Brought it over to my place which he has done before and there was never a problem then. But we got a new TV since than and his PS 4 has never been hooked up to it. We have tried the other 2 TVs in the house and still…it's like nothing is even hooked up! No signal. The brand new TV recognizes that there is a PS4 hooked up to it because on the HDMI outputs there is one that shows PS4 No Signal! Tried switching HDMI cords. Still nothing. I can't start it in safe mode because I don't see a picture. My son is going crazy without it & I'm going crazy because I've been trying to resolve this for 2 days.  HELP someone. Please?