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Aporte original por: jay ,


when you say it doesn’t pick up speed like it should have you ever known it to go quicker than its going now or has it always been the same speed for you. With gentle driving it will be programmed to change gears at lower revs for comfort and emissions but does still seem a little low, the very slight ticking noise will probably just be the drivetrain or fuel injection.

Is it the LV3 6 cylinder engine? If it is its just under 300hp and roughly the same torque without forced induction so it isn’t going to be as quick as a V8 or a saloon car but should still have a fair bit of grunt to it.

Is there a manual mode to the shifter where you can override the gear changes, if there is try that and see if it feels any different, the restriction with auto transmissions is they are controlled by electrics, not sure about a lot of American motors but a lot of the European ones get sluggish sometimes and a garage can update the software on the car for better performance and shifting.

I wouldn’t worry about the ticking noise if it is very quiet and ask a garage if they are aware of any software for the transmission which may be able to be altered for a better drive. hope you get it sorted.