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Aporte original por: Dash Burns ,


ok so… there is a kill switch relay on the powerboard,almost the first component in the circuit. it will look like a small black or /blue , somtimes yellow rectangular box. it wiill have  6-8 pins soldering  it  too board.

almost every time. i fix a  tv that does it. of coarse. whatever diode down the line burned out allow and  is allowing  high volt spikes when relays flip. is still burned out thus thee relay coil will also burn out eventually. unless u add a high efficent diode between switch outlet and and un switched oulet pole.  poles ——->--arrow facing toward switched. this will atlt least protect from the “main” high voltage spike.

they do make relays with diode built in. but i like to build my own relays. so they work forever….. also use a heatsink between solder connection and diode or u will pop it. (make it not have direction).     well love,hugs, and  happy mucking.