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Hi guys, I know this is a old post but for anyone looking in the future I was having the same problem and fixed mine after finding this YouTube comment. You will need a T6 screwdriver/ bit

My X-Priv did this. So bought another, and put it in the drawer. 1 year later, I decide to look into it & fix. Came across this (more so the comments below) and fixed it. Dead simple, as others have said. 1.) Remove battery cover 2.) Remove top magnet cover (not bottom) 3.) Locate little black box, confirm its that causing the problem by applying pressure/moving till device works correctly 4.) Use something like folded up electric tape or similar, to hold it in place so that there is additional pressure applied once cover is re-fitted. 5.) Put back together, and use.

I used a bit of folded up tissue and screwed the panel back on anything non conducive should be fine.