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2009 model won't let me use Express card eSATA in Windows



I have a Silicon Image SIL 3531 SATA controller, it is a Express card from Kanguru solutions and I used it in my 15" MacBook Pro from 2006 all the time with my 32 GB eSATA flash drive.  I upgraded to a 17" MacBook Pro in 2009 and I can ot get this Windows only card to work.  It is seen by the system but gives me this error.  

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

I have disabled the Firewire (IEEE1394), bluetooth radio, isight camera and still I am unable to get this to work.  Any suggestions would be greatly appricated.


MacBook Pro