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Aporte original por: Ken Weaver ,


It seems to me that the trackpad is glued to the little metal trackpad frame. When the epoxy comes away from the bottom of the trackpad, the screw nub sticking up at the center-bottom of the trackpad bay no longer makes contact with the clicker button located on the under-side of the trackpad.

The issue lies with the rather-thin metal piece coming away from the bottom of the trackpad … the separation creates a buffer of space and the clicking device no longer makes connection with that little metal nub.

Putting a very fine coating of adhesive and using paper clips to adhere it to the trackpad was my initial idea, but then I realized you’d have to bend the tab on the bottom of the metal trey to insert it back into the tab beneath the soft ‘alencantara’ keyboard coating. Or whatever the heck it’s called. I’d look it up, but  … you know what I’m trying to say.

Moving on … I decided to put a super thin coating with a paintbrush so that the adhering agent touches the bottom of the trackpad and holds the metal trey into place. Then, put it back into its bay, and give it a day to cure, with a very slight weight (I used a paperweight to keep the trackpad depressed) over night.

The next day, it was fantastic. No problems since.