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HP Pavilion X360 15 Convertible PC Br1xx/Br0xx blank screen upon boot


'''Product:''' HP Pavilion X360 15 Convertible PC Br1xx/Br0xx.

'''Operating System:''' Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)

A little while back my friend gave me this laptop and said it was from his moms friend (who works at HP). I got it in the box with a charger, but no paperwork or anything of that nature. The laptop looks like it has been opened before I got it because of pry marks on the palm rest/keyboard assembly. The laptop powers on with a blank screen, power indicator, and fan spin but no beeping, keyboard flashing or anything else. I have re-seated the RAM module, changed it, tested it in another computer (another HP laptop where the RAM module tested functional), and even put another Ram module in the second slot. I have also removed the HDD and installed a SATA M.2 SSD and it did the same thing before and after these attempts to fix the issue. I have no information besides that it is an HP Pavilion x360 15 Convertible PC and and its one of these 2 models br1xx or br0xx.


HP Pavilion