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Aporte original por: Will Ramey ,


Not cooling after replacing condenser fan motor


I found that my side by side freezer/fridge was not cooling properly. I found that the condenser fan motor in the bottom was hard to turn and not working. [br]

I replaced that fan and when I plugged the fridge in, it started working as it should. The condenser never stopped working and the fan inside the freezer seems to be working as cold air is being blown in. [br]

After fixing the fan, the freezer seems to be Slightly cooler but still not cooling all the way. I’ve given the freezer over 24 hours to cool down. I’ve also turned the the temperature control to 0/off and the fridge stops and immediately starts back when I turn in back on. [br]

is there something else I can try or that I’m missing.



Whirlpool fridge French door ice maker