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Aporte original por: Jamie Jones ,


Same stupid problem here. I even did the diagnostic and it told me i needed to replace the cam and pully so i did and did another diagnostic test and I still have the same blinking lights telling me the cam pully needs to be replaced. UGH!!! I think this washer is a POS and the whole series/model needs to be removed and discontinued! Same problems for everyone. How can a washer continue to be manufactured and sold when everyone who has them experience the same stupid problems?!?!? Isn’t this grounds for RECALL?? And of course the problem doesn’t start until the warranty is expired.  Seems like perfectly scheduled timing to me…just a scam to get more money out of us.

I have noticed that if i let the washer sit long enough, it’ll just start where it left off. Which would be fine if i only needed one load washed and had all %#*@ day to do it.