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Aporte original por: Bart Van Dessel ,


Yes you can! Mac trackpads and keyboards are just USB (1?) devices!

If you have a dead MacBook (Pro/ Air)  you’ll still be able to convert its KYBD and trackpad to a genuine and original  (although a bit steampunk) Mac KYBD & trackpad array.  Apple itself, nor other brands IMHO have no KYBDs combined with trackpads on the market,  So, get original!

Excellent addition for an iMac, for example.

You’ll need a soldering iron & some tools, as well as a simple USB A cable to spare.

USB 2 connections are very simple:  Common, +5V, Data+ and Data -. Just 4 soldering connections to do.

The easiest Apple model to recuperate from I find is the 2007 MBP Core2 Duo with the defective  NVIDIA 8600 M GT in it.

To be had for free, mostly.

Unrepairable, but the KYBD & trackpad may be salvaged. Internal  flatcable may be defective (another generic defect with this model), but this in no way defeats our purposes.

If you want a more capable trackpad, a more recent Mac wreck will do. I hope some other iFixit members will chip in with the USB board pinout.

As for the present: see these:

Happy DIY!