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You can easily break the password of your Samsung account using the account security or password. You can easily unlock samsung phone if forgot password using the details given in this article.

1.     Let’s sign in your samsung account on your phone or mobile,

2.     Now go to the find my phone settings, and click on the lock phone screen option.

3.     Now type your new password, and press the ok or enter key.

Finally, enter that security pin on your phone to unlock your phone or any device. your device will be unlocked,

If you are unable to unlock your phone using the password. There is an another way to break the password. In this method, you have to factory restore your smartphone to the normal settings.

To do that,

* you have to switch off the android phone first, now press the power button + volume down and home button to begin the boot loader screen.
* Once you will see the boot loader screen on your phone, you have to press the erase data option and press the ok button to begin the restore process.

When you will begin the restore process, it will some time, during this time, do not power off your phone, also your smartphone should be charged.

If you will interrupt the restore process, your OS might get corrupted, in such a case, you have to install new os on your device.

So these are the steps to break the password on samsung phone, in case, if you need more help, you can visit [|how to unlock samsung phone if forgot password?]