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FREDIK  BORLIE IS A GENIUS!  Below is a cut/paste of his post above - PRESSING DOWN IN THE SPACE BETWEEN THE SPACE BAR & THE TRACK PAD  it is the ONLY thing that worked on my 2015 MacPro so I could go in and disable bluetooth, which hopefully will keep this from happening again until I can make the $12 repair mentioned in the YouTube video:


'''POSTED: MARCH 11'''


for me the issue is a glitchy connector for the trackpad cable.

Sometimes it works when I press down the frame between the trackpad and spacebar. Just now when I followed this guide

I realize that the reason it works is because the connector is pressed into the socket. But then it stops again after a while. So today I removed the connector shield and added extra padding to see if that stops the connector to stop dropping out of the socket.