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Aporte original por: senseless_wino ,


Fake charging after battery and digitizer replacement


Hey Guys,

Looking for some advice please . My Ipad  Air 1  64gb wifi  only had an issue with holding charge. it would only run for few minutes unless plugged in to  charger. if it ran out of battery and you plugged it in it would jump straight to say 67% charged and in a few minutes be at  100% charged. It worked fine while plugged in unless under heavy load say playing games for 45 mins plus.

I’m very new to this and If my first time doing something like that this (i’m quite happy working on PC’s), i decided to have a go at replacing the battery. I’ve done that and replaced the digitizer (as the screen removal process didn’t go so well!).

Before sealing it back up just testing it. Now when i turn it on its at 1% battery  and when i plug it in it jumps straight to 5% battery and stays there.  Screen/digitizer works fine.

I’ve watched a lot of videos about tristars, gas gauges,  ICs and potential charge port replacement. Now I dont think i’m ready to get in to microsoldering but i would quite like to try and see the repair through.

So are there any quick wins here  - could i just replace the logic board with a presoldered      charge report perhaps? Presumably this is not most cost effective way? But there is nothing on the  ipad i need to save, it was just used for games,

if there any thing else i should be checking  that i may have over looked?

Should I just give up and stick it on ebay!

Many thanks in advance folks



iPad Air