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Aporte original por: Randy Rutherford ,


Whirlpool refrigerator no cool - compressor problem?


Whirlpool gi6sdrxxy02 refrigerator.   Initial problem was both freezer and refrigerator compartments were not getting cool (even though compressor was running).  I realized that the condenser coils were really dirty, and cleaned them.  Still didn’t fix it.

Found a lot of ice (frost?) on the evaporator coils behind the panel in the freezer.  Thawed and restarted… still no luck.

Realized that the evaporator fan was not running.  Pulled it, and put it on a 12VDC (and 14VDC) supply, and concluded that the fan was bad.  Ordered a replacement, and installed it.  The new fan didn’t work.  Put the new fan on a 12VDC supply, and saw that it did work.  After research, I found the 10ohm resistor on the evaporator fan lead had burned out.   I replaced the 10 ohm resistor with a new one, and the evaporator fan is now spinning.  :)

Alas, still not cooling well.  After being plugged in for 24 hours, I had a heavy frost/ice buildup in the top right corner of the evaporator coils… but the fridge was 60+ degrees and the freezer was about 40.  The compressor and the condenser fan were running, as was the evaporator fan.

The compressor seems to start and run (makes a noise/vibration).  the tubes going in/out of the compressor are not very hot (or cold).  Should they be?  The compressor itself is warm to the touch.

The tech-sheet from the refrigerator says that the compressor should draw 1.6A at Full-load.  I measure it (using clamp-on meter) at 0.5A.

Does this mean I need a new compressor?  Other ideas of things to investigate?

Thanks in advance… my wife called me “her hero” when I claimed I knew the problem (the evaporator fan, a week ago).   Now… not-so-much!  :)


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