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Aporte original por: Nicole ,


Wifi password not accepted as correct by Brother printer


I have an MFC-7840W printer that has worked fine with a wifi connection in the past. I recently changed the wifi password, this time including an “!” in the password. When I enter the new password for the wifi into the printer, it tells me: “Press ok & enter.” No amount of button pushing makes it accept or do anything else, and the password field where I just entered the password becomes empty. It’s like it can’t save the password? I can get the printer to connect to Wifi if I create a no password wifi signal through guest wifi. The password protected wifi is 2.4 ghz so that is not the issue either, any thoughts?[br]


When I go to enter it into the printer, I do the following:

Menu -> WLAN -> Search for SSID -> Select my 2.4 ghz wifi -> It asks me to enter the WPA password and I do -> Press ok -> receive notification on screen that says “Press OK & enter” -> I press ok, and the password I entered disappears.

UPDATE: The printer now also says “The printer is not responding” on the printer app on my computer when trying to print through the no password Guest Wifi to the printer where this connection has been accepted by the printer.



Computer: Macbook Pro with Brother software installed and firmware on the printer updated to the most recent.


Brother Printer