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Aporte original por: Sunny I ,


Hello everyone, I had the problem with the lights strobing/flickering everytime I opened the fridge doors. I tried removing the LED module on the fridge side- cleaning and plugging it back in (lasted me less than a day),  using a heat gun carefully over the board (lasted again less than a day). It would just flicker and strobe trying to accomplish its mission of giving me a seizure.

I noticed one thing that if I kept the fridge doors open for more than 5 minutes or so, the lights would not strobe so I thought maybe the moisture build up is causing the strobing. I decided to try using a WD-40 silicone lubricant (water resistant) which I had at home. I took the board out from the LED module, wiped it carefully to make it as dry as possible and sprayed the lubricant all over. It's been over 2 months now and the lights work perfectly well. I maybe had it flickering/ strobing 2 or 3 times in this time, that's it! The brightness is the same and hasn't affected the performance of the light at all. The spray is quite inexpensive and definitely worth a try. There is another spray of WD-40 or other brand which is waterproof and not water resistant like mine, which I think will work even better. Try out this solution if it works for you.