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Aporte original por: martin tredder ,


such bad luck, I bought one for my son, worked when I plugged it in, played for three hours, turned it off to go to bed, next day turned it on and nothing! intermittent music but thats it. no way of starting in safe mode, didn’t move or touch anything since day before, guy I bought it from tries to tell me its the cable even though it worked the day before . gutted as he won’t give me my money back. if it worked yesterday why not today? frustrating. don’t fancy a costly repair, tried all what I read except new cable, but as I said it worked yesterday fine. just a black screen flickering . how about if I drop it from the third floor! got scammed last month buying one from gumtree and didn’t receive it,  my boy has tears and I can’t go out and buy another, thats £350 spent so far on two machines in a month and still can’t play. it would have to be new now but £600+!!  thats a lot to folk out in all its entirety , sick as a pig