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Aporte original por: jvh1gcc ,


I had this issue after a recent PS4 software update. My TV is a Samsung smart TV (model UE39F5300AK). The screen would flick from grey to black at a regular ~1 second interval (the audio also cuts in and out when this happens). Same for all HDMI ports on the TV. The PS4 worked fine on both a different Samsung TV and a HDMI monitor. Tried 3x different cables all known to be working, didn’t help. Safe mode on PS4 didn’t help. Factory reset of the TV didn’t help. Narrowed it down to the TV specifically being at fault, by leaving the PS4 in place and swapping only the HDMI cable to a monitor - the PS4 output worked fine on the monitor. I eventually fixed this by going into the smart features settings on the TV and disabling the AnyNet+ feature (I think this is some “helpful” Samsung feature to find devices). After disabling AnyNet+ and restarting the TV and console (initially in safe mode, although I don’t think this was necessary), the PS4 works again “like a magic”. Thanks Samsung for wasting two hours of my life on this nonsense. Hope this helps someone else avoid similar frustration.