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Aporte original por: uBreakIt iRepairIt ,


I am currently troubleshooting this problem myself.  It appears that this issue may have nothing to do with the charge port and or a dead battery.  I have an older style dual USB Anker wall charger with a charging indicator light, that turns green when charging and blue when not charging or fully charged.  When the speaker is plugged into the charger and I press the power button, the speaker will attempt to turn on, flash it’s LED lights for a second or two, and during that time, my Anker charger’s LED will turn green, and then the speaker turns back off.  When the speaker goes off, the light goes back to blue.  The fact that the LED turns green, indicates the speaker is taking charge during that second or two that it comes on.

I have since taken apart this speaker and have bypassed the charge port.  I have attempted to charge the speakers battery via the PCB board (not charge port), only to have the same issue.   Thinking that the battery might be completely depleted, I ordered a battery from eBay.   After a temp install of the battery, the speaker is still experiencing the same issue.  It does not turn on, nor does it charge; and the same issue above persist.

It’s safe to say that generally any replacement battery you purchase online, should have some amount of charge in it.  So even if, I’m not able to charge the new battery, it should have enough power in it, to turn the speaker on.  Seeing that the speaker still won’t turn on, I have now concluded that the speaker has some board level issue (preventing it to boot), other than the battery or charge port.

I’m currently attempting to charge the battery via an HW-168 board to see if anything changes.  If there is any changes, then I’ll report back.