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Aporte original por: Paul Clark ,



I have a '''Macbook Pro 2014 Retina and installed an OWC Aura 1Tb drive years ago'''. I fought behaviors that sound very similar to the comments above. '''I called OWC and they were very helpful'''.  Here is the text from their tech support… this solved the issue.

'''Here is the text of OWC’s email… Jan 2020'''

[quote]While we cannot always reproduce it, we have identified the issues being related to Apple's NVMe system resources. We have submitted a bug report to our contact at Apple, and are concurrently evaluating the possibility of a driver-level solution for our customers. In the meantime, please use the simple workaround below to prevent your system from entering Standby mode when it is sleeping.


'''Open the Terminal app'''

'''Type the following:'''

'''sudo pmset -a standby 0'''

Press Return

Quit the Terminal

'''This prevents the computer from entering Standby mode while the computer is in normal Sleep mode.''' From this point, allowing the computer to return to sleep and then waking the computer, should prevent the kernel panic from occurring. Initial findings suggest this will not significantly impact battery power or related issues. The system should behave as it normally does. To confirm that the above setting was properly set open the macOS System Report, select the 'Power' item in the sidebar, and then check the 'Standby Enabled' value. It should say 0.[/quote]

'''''NOTE: Running apps like Onyx and other system “cleaners”, system resets like SMC, NVRAM, Safemode boot, I find they can reset the Standy mode setting and I have to run the terminal command  again,'' sudo pmset -a standby 0'''

''Additionally, I found this scraping, digging for solutions… I use this once in a while to see if my setting has been reset, or just confirm I have the settings right.''


''To check if set:''

''pmset -g | grep standby''

I hope this helps, I know the pain this error causes, lived with it for years! Please comment if it helped, and anything else you might find related to this issue.