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Aporte original por: Greg Roberts ,


Toshiba Portege z30-b Bios Locked...Jumpers? Bios key?


Bought this on ebay and want to fix it I have fixed locked bios before but then one is quite the task. I usually enter the code into a bios website and it spits out the password but not this one. I boot into bios f2 then ask for supervisor password I then hit ctrl tab ctrl enter and get the Challenge code: L8UEF-NPGDT-VUGGB-Y5HCQ-UQ1KF and it is asking for a response code and entering into generator does nothing to help. Does anyone know the location of the jumper on the board of this model???


I can tell you google is no help. I am thinking google hides things and just gives you the worse answers anymore, Please help its a gift and I want to fix this.  Also the jumper is not behind the ram I took off and there is nothing there I just didnt take out for pic


Toshiba Portege Z835-P330