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Aporte original por: Andrzej Bojanowski ,


Hi guys,

As I after years I was fixing my old Ipad2 (broken screen replacement) and after that I faced same issue you described here and I finally fixed it somehow, I put below my case - I hope someone will benefit from it.

In my case after putting everything together wifi wasn’t able to detect my wifi  net. It worked only if I put ipad very close to the router. I went through antenna replacement and antenna cable contecting once more to mother board - nothing helped. As I was sure everything is fine I started playing with antenna - I screwed it off and found out that when I made it not touching any pary of the I pad it was worki g perfect, but when I was putting it to the right place the wifi signal was lowering to the minimum. Probably there was some break in the elctric isolation tha occured during screen replacement. I am not elecric guy so finally I found that nothing wrong hapens when I unattached it and put in the empty space on the left. Please see screen attached. I know this is terrible from professional point of view but the truth is it works. And if this the only possible way to have wifi in my Ipad I leave it this way and… itit works perfect for me :). I hope it will also for you in your Ipad wifi case.