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If it sounds like the unit is running through the cycle but the motor is not running you probably need the motor.  There is an off chance you it can be the board however with these Whirlpools the motor is more likely.  I do agree that is is strange it runs the motor in one hour cycle and not normal, that doesn’t normally happen. There are t15 screws on the inside of the door if you remove those the front panel should come loose but there are tabs on the hinge that will keep it from falling. There are two plastic covers over the wires coming out of the board, once you remove those you will be able to access the wires.  There are two light blue wires nest to the largest connector that power the motor.  You can test from the backside of this connector with needle probes or take this connector out and test the prongs on the board.  you will need to let the dishwasher fill and be in the part of the cycle when the motor should be running. If there is 120v there you need the motor, if not you need the board. You can find videos on replacing the motor it is one of the easier motors to replace as long as you get the whole motor/sump assembly.