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Aporte original por: Becky Armstrong ,


Dishwasher not starting. All lights working.


I have a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II. Yesterday, I noticed that while other buttons were working (i.e. the cancel button), the start button would not work when pressed.

I have reset the control panel by pressing sani-rinse, heated dry, sani-rise.

* When I do so, the start button lights up with all the other buttons.
* I then close the door, and Start/Resume turns on. The dishwasher makes a loud sound on the normal cycle, washing status, then it hums, makes a sound like it is draining
* It then goes to the rinse only cycle and washing status, and continues to hum/drain
* Finally, all the lights turn back on

When this is over, I still cannot get the start button to work.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Whirlpool Quiet Partner II