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I am detailing here my full experience, including what I think has fixed the problem (I asked the forum a few months ago and had been struggling since).

Again, I have a Kenmore 665.13222N412 (made by Whirlpool) that started with not fully washing the dishes about 6 months ago. We will see soap residue/foam at the end of the cycle both at the bottom and on the dishes. Initially, we thought it was the dishwasher capsules and got a new brand. But the problem continued.

At some point (4 months ago), we could basically tell that something was wrong as we couldn’t hear the water sloshing around, but could hear the clicks. We found a turnaround by starting washing with 1-hour wash. This worked for a while (about a month), and then the 1-hour wash stopped working as well.

I did a lot of reading and found out that you could reset the control panel after pressing the three buttons fast and repeating the whole thing 3 times (3x3=9 times you have to press the buttons altogether).

The dishwasher would start working again after each reset but only for a few times. After a few washes it would display the same problems again. We lived like this for a couple of months. Eventually, even this method stopped working.  Meaning, it wouldn’t work even after I would reset the control panel. It was obvious there was an underlying cause. I read a bunch again, and decided to try replacing the Pump and Motor Assembly as suggested above. This is part I purchased:

There are videos on Youtube how to change it. I am not very handy, so it took me the best part of Saturday to do it. My main problem is that I didn’t have something called ‘clamp pinch plier’.  You would need this to tighten a hose. I basically had to drive to Home Depot and buy one for like $10.

So. far it has been working (for about 2 weeks). Fingers crossed. The problem seems to be that even though Whirlpool says these dishwashers are American Made, all the major components at the bottom are Made in China. Not that I have a problem with Made in China, but I imagine they shop around vendors to build these pumps and components and go with the cheapest one. Terrible process that assumes some 5-10% of dishwashers going bad in the first 3 years is ‘acceptable’. Nevermind the stress and anguish of the customer. But the CEO gets to tell Wall Street how good their cost savings have been this quarter.