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Aporte original por: Otniel Yoreiza ,


There’s few things u need to take a look and try at :

* BootRom Version, some EFI Bootrom version is simply buggy in relation with NVME support. I would suggest you to either installing latest Catalina (10.15.3) to push your BootRom to newest possible. or use the standalone BootRom Updater by dosdude1 here : (guy who made catalina and mojave patcher and make it possible to install on older mac)
* Adapter revision (if you are using NVME adapter for your SSD), but if you are on OWC Aura, then you can either check whether there is firmware update for your drive or get back to their support team. What is your adapter maker, most used and trusted is SinTech, but even they have many revisions since 2013 till now (some of their versions have an exposed metal part that might cause short with the SSD socket on the mainboard. Chenyang is also well known maker and have similar to same performance with SinTech. Both rarely caused panic with any NVME Stick. Other than those brands, i might suggest you to try swapping adapter.
* Your filesystem. In my experience APFS is still troublesome in many way. You might want to try to use back HFS+ and downgrading your OS to Mojave.