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Aporte original por: Leslie L. Gordon ,


This is an expensive solution, but if you are doing a lot of tiny sight-intensive work, I highly recommend '''CraftOptics'''. The folks there are super helpful, and will devise a pair of magnifying glasses that include your prescription. The glasses also have an optional LED light that I find indispensable, which attaches to the glasses and runs off of a rechargeable battery pack. There are other solutions, but I find these magnifying glasses to be the best to see with, easiest to wear, and with them I can see better than I ever imagined. The customer service offered by '''CraftOptics''' is the very best. I do not work for them, and am not related to anyone who works there.  The glasses and the company are just great!

Another solution is a magnifying lamp made by '''Brightech''' - specifically, the Pro Lightview XL, of which there are 3-4 different models. This lamp pivots and can be positioned over your work without tightening screws, and it also can be adjusted to sit on a desk or stand on the floor.  One looks through the  lamp head which has a large rectangular  5-diopter glass magnifying lens brightly lit by  LED lights that can be dimmed.  I love this lamp!

I use both of these to see while I make beaded jewelry, repair electronics, solder jewelry and electronic connections, etc. They are both invaluable to me and I use both every single day, Good Luck!