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Aporte original por: Andreas J ,


Red screen after screen replacement





So i’m have encounter a problem that I never seen on iPad mini 4, been doing these repairs for a couple of years but never seen it tho. [br]


Did a screen replacement for a customer, everything went fine. But when i’m trying to start the iPad , straight after apple logo i’m getting a red screen. Then it just reboot itself. I have tryd with several differents screens and checked HB flex cables. I also checked the surounded area around the display connectors on motherboard to see if I have touch anything these. But cant see any damage at all… [br]


This  iPad was working fine before the repair and it doesn’t work anymore with the original screen or the new ones. Just getting red screen all the time..[br]


So my question is if someone have encouter this before and know what I should look after? I have a friend of mine who can do some micro solderning and I have some knowledge about it but cant really do it. But I’m guessing its a motherboard fault. [br]



And yes I did remove battery before removing screen etc.


iPad Mini 4