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Aporte original por: David Covey ,


I'm sure everyone who purchased a dx-2 stunt drone has the same issue. Broken blades on the first flight, and little information about how to get replacements. Fortunately I've found a solution. Even though the blades measure at 57.15mm, which is insanely different than every other drone, you can get away with using 55mm and/or 60mm blades. The 60mm blades are better for lift, but you may need to sand down the tips of each blade, in order to keep them from hitting the guard. Just make sure to measure and mark the blades before you sand, so they end up evenly sanded. But if you don't want to go through that, a 55mm blade will work. You will notice a slight difference in the overall lift and flight, especially if you're a drone veteran. Anyway, you can purchase either of these options online, and relatively cheap too. 8 pairs, on eBay, will cost you between $1.50 and $6.00, and 20 sets of 4 blades for around $10, depending on how long you're willing to wait for shipping, which can be 2-6 weeks. Slow boat from China, or faster truck from California. Just type 'Drone Propeller' and either ‘55mm or 60mm’ into the search bar. Even though the blades may look slightly different, if they fit a 1mm shaft, you should be good. I've found that 75% of the 60mm blades are actually 59mm, which means little to no sanding. If you are willing, and extremely patient, you can get replacement blades from Sharper Image, but the process is frustrating, and it'll cost you considerable more than the eBay option. However, you will end up with identical blades, even though it's really not that important. But some people like samey stuff, so it's up to you. Hopefully this info helps, and welcome to the world of rc droning. In other words, get your pocket books out, and learn how to frankenstein parts together to keep your drones flying.