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Aporte original por: Bryant Bergot Sr. ,


For Built-In Batteries try to Press the power botton and the Volume(-) at the same time. It will help for a hard reset . My Phone Overheated and wont turn on. Mine is  O plus brand and it is a Buit-In Battery.

What Could a Possible causing your phone Overheat?

1.  Using it while charging.(Not included using Power Bank)

2.   Charging your Phone - Drain or 20% Up. ( Charging it for too long will Overheat your phone too.)                                    3.   Leaving  it in a Hot place.

4.  Not Shutting down all running apps.( It will take percentage even if your phone is off)

I Hope this Help. Share your Thought in the comments below  and make sure to answe YES , as a Thank You.