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iPad 5 Not turning on Tristar?


A client has dropped a iPad 5 off in good condition for repair.

The iPad is not turning on.

I’ve hooked the iPad up to my amp tester with .06 draw as the result.

I connected to iTunes to test if the computer see’s the iPad.

The charge port feels extremely loose however this has never been a problem.

I have removed the board testing the battery which was approx 3.72V

I have charged the battery to 3.82V, still not turning on.

I have fitted a known good battery (3.9V) still no luck.

I have reconnected to iTunes to rule out LCD, computer still does not see the device.

The amp meter now goes directly to 0.46A when power button is pressed.

I have just found out it was connect to a in car charger - taken off when client made it home - plugged into normal charging conditions - iPad dead in the morning.

Car charging is very common on this iPad.

Tristar change out?



iPad 5