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I had these issues on two occasions for 13” Macbook Pros from 2012. After hours of reinstalling and re-corrupting the MacOS on a new SSD I was installing, I ordered a new SATA cable. The most recent time, the new cable did not fix the problem. I then read about SSDs not tolerating erroneous data sent along SATA cables very well, with the suggestion that the cable would produce data errors because of it rubbing against the aluminum case. The instruction was to insulated the cable from rubbing against the aluminum case by putting a few strips of electrical tape beneath the cable, on the case where the flat SATA cables run. I did that and then suddenly the new cable worked, and no more corruption of my installations. I never did throw the old cable back in to test if the tape was a singular fix (I was just happy to see the SSD show up in Recovery again), but I sure kept the potentially-fine cable for a future fix.[br]


TL;DR - Make sure you put an insulated barrier between the aluminum surface and your SATA cable; electric tapes works fine!