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Aporte original por: TheLastMillennial ,


You can find replacement parts on places like Digikey, Aliexpress, and likely even Adafruit or Sparkfun.  You’ll have to find a port with the correct footprint of course. If your port is too mutilated to tell, here’s some photos I referred from: [|top down view] and [|close up]. You’ll want a port that is 2.5mm and has 3 conductors and 3 contacts.

I don’t have the dimensions of the original port, however with some quick research, I found [|this port] which looks like it should fit. The only issue is the back contact doesn’t line up with the contacts on the PCB. You can likely just solder a wire from the contact to the PCB however, if you look at some of the sites I provided above then you may be able to find a more suited part.