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Aporte original por: Joseph Vinyard ,


Will Surface 4 Pro output to Mini-DP if it doesn't boot?


I recently received a broken surface pro 4. The previous owner had removed the screen (not gently) in order to take out their ssd. It has a few hairline cracks on the actual lcd screen in the top corner. When removing the screen they simply cut the ribbon cables instead of unplugging them. After ordering and placing in the new cables as well as a fresh and blank ssd, the laptop will turn on but will not display anything on the screen. Does anybody know if there is a way to have the laptop output to the mini display port without it fully booting since I am unable to install windows? Or is there a way to test my screen to know that it is what broke? I just don’t want to order a $160 part for it to not be the actual problem.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4