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Aporte original por: Geoff Jones ,


I've tried three different batteries, two of which are genuine Samsung ones, all of which worked fine until the day the S5 started boot-looping, so I'm disinclined to believe it's a battery issue with all three batteries. It had just performed a software update which had completed successfully, and phone had rebooted. The problem started when the phone ran out of charge and powered down. I swapped the battery over and then this started when I turned on again. I have done the following:

1) Left battery out for at least 30 minutes, powered on. Tried all three batteries like this.

2) Removed the SIM card and reinserted. I have no SD card.

3) Powered up with Volume Down, Home, Power. It brought up the Firmware upgrade boot screen, but just rebooting off here didn't work. Selecting to upgrade the firmware said “downloading" until the phone battery died (was on 90% to start with) and didn't fix the issue.

4) Powered up with Volume Up, Home, Power. It said “Recovery Booting…” but doesn't actually go to the recovery menu, it just resumes the boot loop. As a result of this, I can't perform a factory reset using the menu, as I can't get to the menu.

Please advise me on how to proceed from here?

Many thanks,

Geoff Jones