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iPhone XR stuck in Boot Loop - anyway to recover data?



I have an iPhone XR that is stuck in a boot loop. It happened after attempting to back-up the phone using iTunes (the phone’s memory is full), and I got a message that said that there was an error during the backup. I unplugged the phone and all the apps were stuck and wouldn’t open, so I tried restarting the phone. It has been stuck in a boot loop since, when it turns on I just see an Apple logo, and sometimes it blinks. Force restarting doesn’t help, it just keeps showing the Apple logo after it turns off.

I also tried to bring the phone to “recovery mode” and I see an option on iTunes that prompts me to either update or restore, but after the update downloads it tells me that it couldn’t update because the “firmware is not compatible”. I read about DFU recovery mode, but it seems like that would do a full restore (losing data).

After some research I found some programs like:  Fonelab, iMyFone D-back, Dr.fone, and Tuneskit. There is a trial option, but I think I will have to pay to use it, which I’m willing to do, but I want to make sure it will work.

Does anyone have any experience with these programs, or something similar? Or is there any other way to try and restore the iPhone’s OS without losing data? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as there’s a lot of data that I’d hate to lose…


iPhone XR