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Aporte original por: Dusty Lunn ,


Where can I find an RJ45 replacement connector for my ASUS Q551L


The Lan port,(RJ45) on my Q551LN Asus Laptop has been giving me problems. It is definitely a hardware issue. I have tried different cables with no success. If I force a toothpick into the connector to hold the cable, in just the perfect place it works until the slightest movement. I can connect wifi, but It is to slow for me. Ihave a usb 3.0 to ethernet that does work, but my usb port is even starting to get a little loose. Where can I order a new connector to solder on the Motherboard? Has anyone attempted this on the Q551LN yet? Is it difficult? I have soldering experience. Also does anyone know if the 4gig ram chip that is soldered to the motherboard can be replaced by an 8 gig chip? Are they pin for pin compatible? In years past I have even piggybacked chips, but I am guessing with the new high density chips this cannot be done, but is it possible to remove it and install an 8 or even 16 gig in it’s place?? Why these Manufacturers get stingy with ram when including them on computers, I have no idea but for the cost difference it should would make them a much more desirable purchase.


Asus Q551L Repair