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Aporte original por: Darla Lamb ,


I tried something completely different. I have very amateur abilities with basic repair in computers, tablets. In searching for answers to charging issues, I did find the port on my Tab A was soldered.  I looked over the port, and then the cables themselves. What I noticed on USB charging cables is sometimes they may be bent a little or a lot from constantly being plugged in and unplugged. After making sure dust and debris was removed from both port and micro end of the USB  cable, I tried slightly squeezing the micro end “back into shape”, and it tightened up and charging was noticeably better, but not perfect. I am wondering if we can slightly squeeze the port back into shape as I did with the micro end. It would then be tightened up as well which may be what is needed. One of you may have a moment to try it and let me know. If it works, I can reopen my Tab A when I have time and try it myself. And, at that time, I can fix the rear camera issue that happened when I put the Tab back together. I obviously didn’t have the camera and cable placed correctly, and I now see a slight dark spot on my screen where the camera and cable are pressing on the glass..