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Aporte original por: Juan Jimenez ,


Power button not clicking after disassembling


Ok, so I was attempting to do a screen replacement on a iPhone 4 CDMA, and i wanted to disassemble the power button as it was not clicking before. However, once i took the physical power button apart and checked the power cable flex, everything seemed tip-top. Only problem i have is when i tried putting it all back together, after screwing everything back in and aligning the power button, as it was crooked, the satisfying click wasn’t there and I do not know why. I  re-disassembled again and check the ifixit guide here to see if i didn’t miss a step or whatnot. Click was still not there. Is there like a part that i’m missing to get that click or do i have replace something to fix this?


iPhone 4 Verizon